Music To My Ears Scholarship Program

The Foundation for Hearing & Speech Rehabilitation (FHSR) is proud to create the Music To My Ears Scholarship Program commemorating the Foundation’s 60th Anniversary.  The Music To My Ears (MTME) program will include scholarships for childhood music classes and music classroom programming for children who are deaf/hard of hearing living in Chicago and the surrounding Suburbs.
Our strategic partners for this program are: 

Research has shown the benefits of children being exposed to music in childhood. These benefits are increased for a child with hearing loss. From language acquisition to sentence structure, inflection and tone, exposure to music will provide indelible positive benefits.

Early Childhood Enrichment Music Classes for Children with hearing loss (up to age Four)
The MTME Early Childhood program offers toddlers with hearing loss the benefits of music instruction through participation in tuition-free music enrichment classes up to four years of age.  The children will participate in mainstream classes. The goal is to stimulate their young minds with movement, rhythm, percussion instruments and the cause and effect relationships between instruments and sound projection.

Group Class & Instrument Program Children (over four years of age)
The MTME Class & Instrument program, is the next step in bringing music into deaf/hard of hearing children’s lives.  The group class will offer a tuition-free continuation of the earlier enrichment classes for those children that would prefer to keep music instruction in their life but not pursue an instrument.
The Instruments program will consist of tuition-free small group classes that will include string and percussive instrument introduction and music literacy.  To place our scholarship children on the road to success, the Instrument program will also include a once a week private lesson with their instructor.

Classroom Program and Afterschool Programming: (Pre-k through 8th grade) 
The MTME Classroom program is the first of its kind in the Chicagoland area supporting the integration of school based music programs for deaf/hard of hearing children.  By bringing together top professionals in the field of music and hearing loss educators, the school program stands to change the trajectory of the lives of deaf/ hard of hearing children.  Along with our partner schools, Child’s Voice Oral Deaf School and Trinity School for the Deaf, FHSR is providing music classes, either within in the curriculum or after school, allowing deaf/ hard of hearing child to be exposed to all the benefits of a music program while encouraging an environment where music is a normal part of a child’s life.

The FHSR is proud to foster the love of music into these children’s lives and help to put them on the road to success in conjunction with our partners:

Merit School of Music:

Merit is a nationally accredited community music school dedicated to overcoming barriers to high quality music instruction. Merit offers classes from early childhood through high school. Merit’s Early Childhood faculty are active musicians who understand and promote the importance of early childhood music education both in the classroom and at home.

Old Town School of Folk Music:

Serving Chicago for the past 60 years, Old Town School of Folk Music is the largest community school of the arts in the nation. In the 1980’s Old Town School of Folk Music pioneered the Wiggleworms curriculum to bring music classes to their youngest audiences with classes structured around the proper introduction of percussive instruments and repetition of movements connected to song. Still going strong 30 years later, Wiggleworms instructors are all musicians by trade and receive instruction on Early Childhood education.

Fund a Scholarship:

A $900 donation will sponsor a year of classes for one deaf/hard of hearing child. This amount will allow children who might not otherwise be able to afford music enrichment classes to attend weekly music classes and experience the joy of music with their hearing peers.

Music To My Ears Scholarship applications are currently available.

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FHSR Event Series to fund the:

Music To My Ears Scholarship

Providing tuition-free early childhood music classes to children living with hearing loss in the Chicago-land area.

November 19,

An Evening with Third Coast Percussion

Join FHSR for a fascinating night of music featuring Third Coast Percussion.

Third Coast Percussion is a GRAMMY®-winning quartet of classically-trained percussionists who have forged a unique path in the musical landscape with virtuosic, energetic performances that celebrate the extraordinary depth and breadth of musical possibilities in the world of percussion.

Gannon Concert Hall
Holtschneider Performance Center
2330 N. Halsted St.
Chicago, IL

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