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In the United States for every 1,000 children born, 3 will have hearing loss and 40% of those children will be deaf.

According to the World Health Institute, deafness is America’s leading birth defect. Since FHSR was founded in 1958 we have been committed to providing the best care and support necessary to children with hearing loss and their families.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association states that the number of Americans living with a hearing loss has doubled in the past 30 years. More than 31 million Americans had hearing loss in 2004. There are 24.1 million individuals with a hearing loss who do not own a hearing aid device. About 60,000 cochlear implants have been implemented in the past 20 years—about one half in adults and one half in children.

One of the fastest growing populations with hearing loss is teenagers. Research shows that one in five teens in the United States has a hearing loss due to high-volume sounds in daily life such as headphones emitting loud music and excessive traffic noise.

The CDC reports that each year more than 12,000 babies are born with a hearing loss in the United States; often the cause is unknown. According to the World Health Institute, deafness is America’s leading birth defect.

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Join Team FHSR as we Move for the Kids!


Sunday, May 20| 10:00 a.m. | Soldier Field
Come Move (Walk or Run) with the FHSR team!
Meet us at the Mal’s Pal’s tent #37
By participating as part of the FHSR team, you will help raise awareness and vital funds for treatment and Audiology support services for Lurie Children’s kids, like our Patient Champion, Lucien Ouellette.

All Donations to Team FHSR will go directly to support these key positions in the Cochlear Implant program and Audiology Department. The Hart Family Cochlear Implant Education Coordinator, Audiology Hearing Aid Technician, Loaner Hearing Aid Bank, and Bilingual Social Workers.

Lucien was diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss at 3 months of age. When his parents received the diagnosis, the Ouellette family were not shocked, sad or angry. They suspected it- Lucien had several failed hearing screens and he wasn’t responding to everyday sounds at home. The Ouellette family took the news they received and didn’t ask why, but what they needed to do to give Lucien access to speech & language.

Lucien started with bilateral hearing aides when he was 5 months old – and the family was connected with the cochlear implant team at Lurie Children’s Hospital. After trying hearing aides for several months with very little improvement, the Lurie Children’s team recommended that Lucien receive cochlear implants. With no hesitation, Lucien’s surgery was scheduled and Lucien was implanted (right ear first) in February 2018. Since activation day, Lucien has made tremendous gains in speech, hearing, and communication. Lucien is actively receiving services from early intervention, music therapy and now aural rehabilitation through Lurie Children’s.

Lurie Children’s cochlear implant team was amazing throughout Lucien’s “hearing journey”. The team provided the Ouellette family with the knowledge, support, and resources needed for Lucien to develop speech and language. Lucien is now thriving thanks in part to the services funded by FHSR.

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Here are just a few ways your donations could help:

$35 Can help provide for the development of parent guides.

$60 Can help purchase toys, such as I-Pads, to help focus young patients’ attention during hearing testing.

$100 Can help assist with yearly transportation costs so that the Cochlear Implant Educational Coordinator can visit Chicagoland/Indiana schools.

$240 Can help purchase a loaner hearing aid for use when a child’s own hearing aid is being repaired.

All donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by Lurie Children’s Foundation.

On behalf of the patients and families of Lurie Children’s, thank you for your support!

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