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In the United States for every 1,000 children born, 3 will have hearing loss and 40% of those children will be deaf.

According to the World Health Institute, deafness is America’s leading birth defect. Since FHSR was founded in 1958 we have been committed to providing the best care and support necessary to children with hearing loss and their families.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association states that the number of Americans living with a hearing loss has doubled in the past 30 years. More than 31 million Americans had hearing loss in 2004. There are 24.1 million individuals with a hearing loss who do not own a hearing aid device. About 60,000 cochlear implants have been implemented in the past 20 years—about one half in adults and one half in children.

One of the fastest growing populations with hearing loss is teenagers. Research shows that one in five teens in the United States has a hearing loss due to high-volume sounds in daily life such as headphones emitting loud music and excessive traffic noise.

The CDC reports that each year more than 12,000 babies are born with a hearing loss in the United States; often the cause is unknown. According to the World Health Institute, deafness is America’s leading birth defect.

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Liam’s Cochlear Implant and Dr Young


All for Liam
Cancer may have taken away his hearing for most of his childhood, but it never took away his hope. Thanks to a cochlear implant surgery, he’s hearing the world around him for the first time in seven years

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Special Considerations for Parents Raising a Teeenager with Hearing Loss


Many parents raising teenagers face challenging times
but most parents do not have the added challenge of
raising a teenager with hearing loss.

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Cheers & Beers for Ears!


Join the FHSR Associate Board for Bites, Beers and the best Fries in Chicago
while you donate to a great cause.

Cheers & Beers for Ears!
Friday, Oct 13,2017
5:00-9:00 PM

Frietkoten in the Chicago French Market
131 N. Clinton, Between Washington and Randolph
Chicago, IL

Money raised will support children living with hearing loss by funding the loaner hearing aid banks in Chicago Pediatric Audiology Departments
3 Tickets for $25.00 – can be used for fries or beer

Eat…Drink…Be Merry…Do Good:
The perfect way to celebrate a Friday the 13th!

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FHSR Speaker Series – featuring Dr. Kate Gfeller – The Intersection of Music Appreciation and Cochlear Implants


In the spirit of learning, this innovative presentation will explore the understanding of and appreciation for hearing and music perception by individuals affected with hearing loss. A lively discussion will follow on the future of music appreciation within the context of today’s technological advances.
Tickets are complimentary
Donations made in honor of this presentation will fund the FHSR Music to My Ears Scholarship Fund, providing one-year free access to early childhood music classes for children who are deaf/hard of hearing at The Merit School of Music and the Old Town School of Folk Music.

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