Mission Matters Interview

FHSR is thrilled to be featured on Missions Matters to discuss hearing loss in newborns and how FHSR is bringing awareness through our 1-3-6 Campaign.  One of our goals is to normalize parents reporting weight, height, and hearing as part of a natural response to how the baby is doing. 1-3-6 Campaign #HowIsTheBaby’sHearing

Reading & Book Recommendations for Kids with Hearing Loss

“How do I read with my baby if they are deaf or hard of hearing?” “How do I encourage my deaf or hard of hearing child to be interested in books?” “How can I share stories with my deaf or hard of hearing child the way I can with my hearing child?” These are common questions […]

Katie Farnsworth Au.D.

Katie completed her doctorate in Audiology in 2015 from Rush University Medical Center. Currently, she is a pediatric Audiologist at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, where she is on the cochlear implant team. Katie’s lifelong ambition has been to work with children who have hearing loss; she was diagnosed with a […]


We asked Board member Anna Tess’s why she joined the FHSR Board: “Being deaf does not define me – but it is a part of me. Being deaf has given me several challenges in my life. Many of these challenges I have overcome, and they have made me who I am today. My educators, family […]

Tips for Improving Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Retention

By: Associate Board Member EmilyAnn Duffley Every parent of a young child with hearing loss knows that it is sometimes a challenge to keep the devices on their busy child’s head when they are being active. If a hearing device falls off of a child while on the playground or during sports, it is easy […]