Pediatric Cochlear Implant program provides support for families and professionals in today’s changing landscape

Hart Family Education Coordinator

Jen Haney, Hart Family Cochlear Implant Education Coordinator, has been incredibly busy in her efforts to meet the sudden needs of parents and professionals brought about by the pandemic. As professionals, therapists, and parents navigate the new normal through e-learning and teletherapy, Jen has consulted with those in need by providing resources, strategies, and recommendations […]

FHSR Supports our community in this time of need

Greetings- on behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, we hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. As we navigate these unprecedented times, we are touched by the spirit and community that has come together to support children and families in need.  The challenges we face remind us of what […]

Fun and Interactive Music Activities: Ages 5-7

Finding new and exciting activities to engage your children can be difficult when you are all together all the time. Music is a universal language that can engage children and adults young and old. I’m Brooke Saywer and I’m a FHSR Associate Board member. I am also a board-certified music therapist that has worked in […]

2020 was a Banner Year for Bowling with Friends!

bowling with friends 2020

Bowling Team FHSR!   Bowling with Friends FHSR and the FHSR Associate Board hosted Bowling with Friends at Pinstripes in Oakbrook on February 9th 2020. Bowling with Friends brought together over 24 families and more then 35 children with hearing loss and their siblings on a cool winter afternoon in Chicago. The purpose of the […]

Listening, Language, and Speech: Activities for At-Home Learning

This is a troublesome time for the world right now, with a lot of uncertainty surrounding what will happen next. Schools have shut down and parents have taken on the unique role to support student learning in a way like never before.Have no fear! There are so many activities you can do with your child […]