The FHSR Speaker Series 2020: Supporting Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children from Identification to Education webinar recording is now available. 

 Video webinar preview

The original FHSR Speaker Series event occurred on February 6, 2020 at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois and featured experts in pediatric hearing loss discussing the current best practices during the journey of DHH children from identification as deaf through treatment and therapy and on to entering formal education.  Additionally, the panel shared information about new technologies/practices/research/therapies used to help deaf/hard of hearing children and their families work together with professionals to help deaf children thrive.


Featured panelists included:

Nancy M. Young, MD, Head of the Audiology & Cochlear Implant Programs and Director of Research at Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital

Brandi Sidor, MA, CCC-SLP, LSLS, Cert. AVEd, Speech-Language Pathologist

Diane Salk, Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) certified teacher

Dr. Michelle Ketcham Gozdecki, AuD, Pediatric Audiologist

The event was moderated by Heather H. Bennett, FHSR Board of Directors and hosted by Kristen Van Dyke, Executive Director of FHSR.


Watch the Webinar

2020 FHSR Speaker Series –
Supporting Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children from Identification to Education

Topics with Times during Recording

What should families expect at an initial and subsequent evaluation?
How can they help their child get the most accurate testing possible?
What are some unexpected ways audiology clinics can help their patients?

TREATMENT/ Early Intervention/Cochlear Implants 14:51  
How has the technology of cochlear implants and surgery changed?
What do parents and candidates for cochlear implants need to know before considering an implant?

Therapy (aural rehabilitation, speech pathology, music) 21:38
What is the difference between speech therapy and aural (re)Habilitation?
Why do kids need and benefit from both speech and aural hab therapy?
What does therapy look like before and after a cochlear implant surgery and then activation?

Education 31:58
What are some of the best practices for teachers to support deaf students in the classroom?
What are your top tips for educators on how to make a classroom more DHH friendly?
What is an IEP Individualized Education Plan?
How can families best advocate for their children? support their child’s education every day? 

Research & Technology 37:16
What area of research are you most interested in pursuing next and why?
Where do you think the next big jumps in technology will occur?

Questions and Answers 46:22
How can I best support a class of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children?  Do they tend to get mentally/physically exhausted?
What does research now show about effectiveness of CI and age of recipient?
What do you view as the largest barrier families with hearing loss face?
Why do my BAHA students leave off their hearing aid more than any of my other students (h.a.  and CI)? Does research show this also happening or is my imagination that perhaps BAHA are less effective?
What advice/resources would you give/suggest to school mental health professionals working with children who may be deaf/hard of hearing?
What techniques could I implement in my music classes in order to maximize learning?
What are the top tips you want parents to know for supporting their deaf/hard of hearing child?  Especially during therapy at sessions, early intervention and at home?

Closing Remarks 58:41