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Finding the right organizations with which to partner is crucial in any support service setting, and even more so in the pediatric world. FHSR has always placed the highest priority on its strategic partnerships, from Michael Reese Hospital to Northwestern University, and the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to the Chicago Hearing Society. For almost sixty years, the Foundation has sought out leading organizations on the forefront of addressing issues surrounding hearing loss. We continue to vet potential partners to help us support our mission and vision creating life changing social service programs and community outreach.

To this, we are always seeking partners to help us expand our reach and increase our services while maintaining the highest caliber of programming. Organizations looking to fund in the areas of pediatric hearing loss support need look no further than FHSR. By creating a strategic partnership with FHSR other hospitals, private foundations, corporations, and nonprofit organizations can affect meaningful change in deaf/ hard of hearing children’s lives.

Programs currently under consideration for expansion include the Loaner Hearing Aid Program, the School Based Music to My Ears program and free family events for this unique community.

FHSR is proud to announce our partnership with The Merit School of Music and The Old Town School of Music to create the Music To My Ears program which includes early childhood music enrichment classes and individual school music programs for children with hearing loss.

In 2020 FHSR partnered with Childs Voice, Oral Deaf School and Holy Trinity Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program at Children of Peace to launch our Music To My Ears school based pilot music program for children with hearing loss.  The program focuses on curriculum and after school music classes designed specifically for deaf and hard of hearing children.

FHSR and Chicago Hearing Society have partnered for the past three years to bring the READ and DEAR Day to children in Central and Southern Illinois to celebrate the power of literacy.  Read More Here

All interested organizations should contact

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