Has your child been diagnosed with a hearing loss? Are you looking for a school for the deaf in Illinois? The FHSR Associate Board has compiled a list of schools for the deaf in Illinois, as well as other options to consider if you are thinking about educating your child in a public or private school.

Illinois Schools for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children:

Public and Private School Options

Public school districts offer many special education options and programs for a child with hearing loss. Here are a just a few examples of programs that you can find in a public school district:

Although private schools do not have the same special education obligations as public school districts do, certain federal laws such as Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act may still require private schools to provide reasonable accommodations to children with hearing loss. The applicability of those laws to private schools depends on whether the school receives federal funding and whether the school is a religious school.

Every public school district and private school is different, and each one provides different supports for students with hearing loss. Whether a given school district or private school is a good fit for your child depends on how well the school’s program fits your child’s needs.