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The Foundation for Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation


Hearing loss affects entire communities and

Illinois is no exception

In the United States for every 1,000 children born, 3 will have hearing loss and 40% of those children will be deaf. 

According to the World Health Institute, deafness is America's leading birth defect. 
Since FHSR was founded  in 1958 we have been committeed to providing the best care and support necessary to children with hearing loss and their families. 

To accomplish this, we fund programming to improve hearing impaired childrens' education, communication, and socialization.

 The Associate Board of the Foundation for Hearing and Sppech Rehabilitation
invites you to join them


 Guests arriving after 7:30 PM must use the commuter concourse entrance
to the Chicago French Market.
The Concourse is located just south of the entrance of the  Chicago French Market.
The parking lot to the north (bordered by Clinton/Canal/Lake/Randolph) has a $10 evening rate.
If you are there less than 1 hour it is free!

The Foundation for
Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation (FHSR) strives to assure that individuals with hearing disorders have the opportunity to develop to their full potential, enjoy the same social and educational opportunities as their peers, and lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We accomplish this important purpose by identifying and then raising the funds to support the most innovative clinical services, research, and educational training programs in the Midwest.